Stay At Perla Del Borgo In Calabria

Perla Del Borgo

Calabria, the toe of Italy, represents the southernmost tip of the country. The word is a Greek word that means antiquity in Bruttium. The capital city of this region is Catanzaro. Being a small but scenic region, it is a favorite of many travelers who come to this country. The Basilicata region lies in the north, while the Tyrrhenian Sea lies in the west and the Ionian Sea in the east.

Calabria has vast, green hinterlands to offer to visitors who can enjoy the unspoiled tropical landscape here which is dotted with waterfalls and lakes. For those who love the sandy beaches, there are seaside properties to stay at where one can enjoy exclusive access to the beaches.

Perla Del Borgo

Accommodation options are several here. You could take your pick of seaside properties or those that provide views of the mountains at the back or the rocky coastlines. One of the properties that offer self-catering units is the Casa Vacanza Perla Del Borgo which is located in Santa Caterina Dello Ionio. It is about seven kilometers away from Ionian coast and one can drive down here from Soverto as well.

The self-catering units come with Wi-Fi facility as well as bed linen and towels; one can choose properties that provide excellent views of the sea or the ancient town. This property is accessible from Lamezia Terme Airport and it is located about 32 km away from Catanzaro Lido.

There are several benefits that draw visitors to this property. There is a private beach access as well as free parking to avail of; one can also avail of breakfast facility that is available every day. There are several landmark areas that one can visit such as cafes or bars that are less than one kilometer away; one can access supermarkets and restaurants here as well which are within 4 to 7 km from this place.  Holiday makers will find a free bus service to avail of if they are coming in from Lamezia Terme Airport. This beautiful place comes highly recommended from my friend Jane from She stayed here in 2015 and said it was one of the best places she has ever been to. 

Certain parts of Calabria such as Grotta Azzurra, also known as the Blue Cave, are a place where one can swim in the crystal waters, surrounded by the fishes. For those who wish to enjoy authentic Italian or Calabrese dishes, there are several items to try. One such dish is the pepperoncino. There are several hot pepper varieties grown here and these come in use in the making of this dish. If you come in the first week of September you will get to experience Festival del Peperoncino which is based around the cayenne pepper.

Among the places to visit, Tropea Isola Bella is an island easily reached by the ferry service that frequents this island; there is the Historic center at Cosenza or the Piazza XV Marzo are some of the landmark places to visit here.


Villaggio Spiagge Rosse Can Be Your Place To Stay In Calabria

Villaggio Spiagge Rosse

If you plan to visit Italy you could make Calabria one of the places or stops in your journey through this country. Located in the toe region of Italy, it represents the extreme south of the boot shaped geography of the country. This town is surrounded by the Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas on either side and is closer to Sicily as the Strait of Messina separates it. The sea waters have a vivid color and the tropical climate is welcoming to the visitors all year round; the sandy beaches alternating with the rocky coasts make it a wonderful terrain to explore. You can explore the hinterland here, which offers the un-spoilt beauty of nature, green, expansive belts that have waterfalls and blue lakes.

Villaggio Spiagge Rosse

Those who love the warm sun on the beaches can enjoy beach properties here that offer the crystal clear sea waters and sandy beaches to enjoy. There are several charming localities you could choose to stay here. One of them could be the Capo Rizzuto region here where Villaggio Spiagge Rosse is one of the properties to explore. Befitting its name, this property has several cottages and rooms on offer. An aerial view of the property makes it look akin to a small Italian village itself. With self-accommodation units, this four-star property offers allowance for pets has a private beach as well as an outdoor pool on offer.

The property is located about 250 meters from the coastline and has its private beach on offer to the visitors. There are air conditioned rooms to avail of that are like mini apartments, complete with en suite bathroom, shower, private balcony. The property has its own Italian restaurant, garden and swimming pool.

The private beach allows guests to lounge about or get themselves in shape at the fitness center; they could also take a dip daily in the swimming pool. Breakfast is a buffet option which has croissants, pastries, cheese and cold cuts on offer every day. The shuttle service is free and helps people get to and from the beach easily. One can also visit Crotone which is a short drive away from this place.

Meridian At Guardia Piemontese Terme Calabria

Meridian At Guardia Piemontese Terme Calabria

Calabria is a unique location in Italy. Located at the toe of the extreme end of the boot like region of Italy, it represents the extreme south of the country. You will experience beautiful landscapes and weather when you visit this tiny but unique region. It is surrounded by the waters of the Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas and is away from Sicily, separated by the expanse of the waters of the Strait of Messina.

Meridian At Guardia Piemontese Terme Calabria

What you find in Calabria is a tropical climate that ranges through the year with rocky coastlines and sandy beaches along with beautiful sea waters that one can gaze at all day long or go out on cruises if they wish to. Nature is mysterious and wild here and preserved with its un-spoilt beauty. One would love the genuine local food here as well as vestiges that go back to its ancient origins and culture.

Those who come here can bask in the warm sunshine on the sandy beaches that many hotels provide access to. You will have a wide choice of accommodation as well, from hotels to bed and breakfast accommodations, villas and apartments of different kinds to suit varying budgets of travelers.

Meridian hotel is one property here that is located in Guardia Piemontese Terme which is rated as a four-star hotel. This hotel has a private beach for the guests to enjoy, an outdoor pool and pets are allowed as well. Having a beach location in Guardia Piemontese, it is a hotel that offers a great location when you come to stay in Calabria. The outdoor pool has a shallow area for easy swimming as well as hydro massage areas. With the ease of parking and allowing of pets, one can opt for a room as per their requirements on this luxury property. The rooms come with balconies and large, spacious bedrooms. The rooms overlook the mountains or the coastline while one can simply take a walk to reach the beach area. The private beach has all amenities that guests need to relax and unwind as well as options for recreational sports or for taking up cruises in the waters.

The restaurant that is in the house offers Calabrian and Mediterranean cuisine can seat 150 guests and has special events from time to time. There is a railway station that is located close by and one can visit landmark areas such as the shrine of Saint Francis of Paola which is close by to this hotel.

Why Are Travelers Looking At Hotel Reviews

Hotel Review

There is no doubt that online review of hotels matters a lot these days. With the advent of the internet, more and more people are now checking out the internet and popular hotel review sites to book hotels. The reviews about the hotels are the main sources that are prompting people to book hotel rooms when traveling and the hotels that carry good ratings are picked by travelers more often than not. The hotel reviews are influencing the traveler’s room booking decisions a lot than ever before. A hotel has to be in the good books of the reviewer to attract the customers.

Hotel Review

Younger breed of travelers depend on reviews

There are any young travelers who only rely on the review sites to book hotel rooms. The people in the age group of 20 to 35 years were the ones who will mainly look at the hotel review sites before booking a hotel. These latest trends are due to the increase in the use of mobile phones and the ease of internet access. People these days do take time to read the review of a hotel before they make a decision to book the hotel or not. In fact, many of the potential guests also trust the reviews posted on the review sites. For all those who are highly influenced by the internet, reading the reviews is part and parcel of their purchase journey.

What is the most important reviewed information?

The most important information that travelers check out in the review sites is the price of the room in the hotel. This is the first and the foremost thing that travelers check out. This is followed by the hotel’s close proximity to the local attractions. The features of the hotel and the amenities on offer only look into later. The size of the room and the facilities on offer in the room is looked for only after the price of the hotel room and its close proximity to the local attractions are checked out. The travelers will also check out about the amenities like bar, coffee shop, dining room, gym, spa, etc., as the last options to book a room.  

The guest reviews are important

Most of the travelers looking for the hotel reviews online will check out the reviews posted by previous guests. The guest submitted comments are the ones that influence a traveler to make the hotel booking.