Meridian At Guardia Piemontese Terme Calabria

Calabria is a unique location in Italy. Located at the toe of the extreme end of the boot like region of Italy, it represents the extreme south of the country. You will experience beautiful landscapes and weather when you visit this tiny but unique region. It is surrounded by the waters of the Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas and is away from Sicily, separated by the expanse of the waters of the Strait of Messina.

Meridian At Guardia Piemontese Terme Calabria

What you find in Calabria is a tropical climate that ranges through the year with rocky coastlines and sandy beaches along with beautiful sea waters that one can gaze at all day long or go out on cruises if they wish to. Nature is mysterious and wild here and preserved with its un-spoilt beauty. One would love the genuine local food here as well as vestiges that go back to its ancient origins and culture.

Those who come here can bask in the warm sunshine on the sandy beaches that many hotels provide access to. You will have a wide choice of accommodation as well, from hotels to bed and breakfast accommodations, villas and apartments of different kinds to suit varying budgets of travelers.

Meridian hotel is one property here that is located in Guardia Piemontese Terme which is rated as a four-star hotel. This hotel has a private beach for the guests to enjoy, an outdoor pool and pets are allowed as well. Having a beach location in Guardia Piemontese, it is a hotel that offers a great location when you come to stay in Calabria. The outdoor pool has a shallow area for easy swimming as well as hydro massage areas. With the ease of parking and allowing of pets, one can opt for a room as per their requirements on this luxury property. The rooms come with balconies and large, spacious bedrooms. The rooms overlook the mountains or the coastline while one can simply take a walk to reach the beach area. The private beach has all amenities that guests need to relax and unwind as well as options for recreational sports or for taking up cruises in the waters.

The restaurant that is in the house offers Calabrian and Mediterranean cuisine can seat 150 guests and has special events from time to time. There is a railway station that is located close by and one can visit landmark areas such as the shrine of Saint Francis of Paola which is close by to this hotel.

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